Safe-Toe® Podiatry Burs

with rounded bevels to protect the skin of at-risk patients' feet

New Safe-Toe® podiatry burs from American Medicals feature rounded bevels and are specifically designed to prevent injuries to the nail bed and the skin of patients' feet. They are perfect for the management of at-risk patients. Made with surgical grade stainless steel, natural diamonds, and European precision. We offer these burs as reusable or as part of our steriSTAT® brand of sterile, disposable instruments. There are three types of Safe-Toe burs:


Natural diamonds absorb a greater amount of heat than synthetic diamonds, which makes treatments more comfortable for the patient. They also have a much finer cutting surface, which will leave a smooth surface after any treatment.


Made in Europe, Safe-Toe® podiatry burs are constructed with natural diamonds and a surgical grade stainless steel shaft. Standard shaft size of 2.35 mm.

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