What We Do
what American Medicals does

American Medicals offers a wide variety of high quality medical, surgical, and dental products from proven manufacturers such as Bionix, Burton, Nouvag, Rice Lake, Seca, Seiler, Summit Doppler/Wallach, Sunnex, and Winco to be used by hospitals and healthcare professionals worldwide.

American Medicals steriSTAT

Single-use instruments are often described as inferior and of poor quality and design, but our steriSTAT® line of products have the solid feel, smooth operation, and high quality standards that providers can trust!

We offer a wide variety of sterile products such as:

Our Mission
American Medicals' mission

To provide superior products with personalized attention to our valued customers, while enhancing the quality of patient care and the safety of the working environment around us. We partner with our customers, understand their needs, and work diligently to exceed their goals. Our reputation is built on service, price, and personal attention to our clients.