steriSTAT® Sterile, Disposable Podiatry Burs

Attention U.S.-based providers: While supplies last, we are offering a free sample of a bur of your choice!

Made in Europe with surgical grade stainless steel and sterilized with gamma irradiation. These podiatry burs perform similarly to carbide burs. Single-use to ensure a clean, sharp bur every time:

Additionally, we offer sterile Safe-Toe® burs, which have rounded bevels to prevent injuries to the skin and nail bed. We also offer a wide variety of sterile, surgical grade stainless steel surgical instruments and ophthamlic instruments.


These burs are TAA compliant.


steriSTAT® podiatry burs are expertly made with surgical grade stainless steel. They feature unvarying shaft diameter (2.35 mm) and straightness, precisely-centered weight and head positioning, and consistent cutting patterns.

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steriSTAT® podiatry burs.

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