steriSTAT® Sterile Disposable Kelly Forceps - Curved

Constructed from surgical-grade stainless steel, our Sterile Kelly Forceps - Curved offer surgeons unparalleled functionality for clamping, grasping, and manipulating tissues in various surgical procedures.

  • Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel: Expertly forged, milled, tempered, and polished to ensure reliable performance throughout procedures.
  • Curved jaws provide exceptional access to deep surgical sites and awkward angles, facilitating precise clamping and grasping in confined spaces. 
  • Serrated Jaws: The inner surfaces of the jaws feature atraumatic serrations that enhance grip security on tissues and blood vessels, minimizing the risk of slippage during manipulation.
  • Tapered jaws allow for smooth insertion into the surgical field and atraumatic manipulation of delicate tissues.
  • Snap-Lock Handles: The ergonomically designed handles incorporate a secure snap-lock mechanism, offering effortless control and preventing accidental release during use. 
  • Solid Feel & Smooth Operation: The stainless steel construction provides a reassuring weight for controlled handling, while meticulous polishing ensures effortless opening and closing action.
  • Consistent Quality & Patterns: The consistent and precise engineering ensures reliable clamping and grasping performance.
  • Sterilized with Gamma Irradiation: Pre-sterilized for safe and efficient use, eliminating the need for separate sterilization procedures.
Our single-use Curved Kelly Forceps can be used in several types of procedures.

  • Clamping Blood Vessels: The curved jaws and serrations make these forceps ideal for clamping small to medium-sized blood vessels, minimizing blood loss during surgery. 
  • Dissection of Soft Tissues: The atraumatic grasping ability and maneuverability of the curved jaws facilitate controlled dissection of soft tissues.
  • Grasping Needles: The secure grip and controlled manipulation allow surgeons to effectively grasp and manipulate needles during suturing procedures.
  • Other Potential Applications: Kelly Forceps - Curved can be a valuable tool in various surgical specialties, including general surgery, gynecology, urology, orthopedics, and more.
Developed by Dr. George Kelly in the early 20th century, Kelly Forceps may also be known as hemostatic forceps or artery forceps.

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