steriSTAT® Sterile Disposable Locke Elevator

Constructed from surgical-grade stainless steel, our sterile Locke Elevator features a precise, blunt blade and ergonomically designed handle, making it a valuable tool for delicate tasks requiring controlled manipulation and elevation of tissues.

  • Small, Blunt Blade (3 x 15 mm): The narrow profile of the blade facilitates precise access and maneuverability in confined surgical fields, particularly around delicate structures like nerves and blood vessels. The blunt edge is designed to minimize tissue damage while enabling effective sliding and wedging maneuvers to elevate tissues and separate delicate structures.
  • Solid Feel and Smooth Operation: The meticulous forging, milling, tempering, and polishing process ensures a well-balanced instrument with a solid, weighty feel that provides exceptional control.
  • Ergonomic Handle Design: The serrated and ergonomically crafted handle conforms to the hand for a comfortable grip, reducing strain and improving user control during delicate procedures.
  • Reliable and Precise: The consistent quality and precision throughout the manufacturing process guarantee a reliable instrument for all your podiatric surgical needs.
  • Sterile and Single-Use: Sterilization with gamma irradiation ensures the instrument is clean and ready to use.
The Locke Elevator can be use in a wide variety of podiatric procedures.

  • Bunionectomy: Elevating soft tissues and capsular structures during bunion correction procedures.
  • Hammertoe Correction: Facilitating controlled dissection and soft tissue elevation for realignment of hammertoes.
  • Nail Surgery: Elevating periungual tissues during ingrown toenail procedures or nail avulsions.
  • General Soft Tissue Dissection: Precise manipulation and elevation of delicate soft tissues.
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111-PL863-11ST steriSTAT® Sterile Disposable Locke Elevator - Small Blade (3 x 15 mm), 11.5 cm (4.5”) (1 EA/PK, 25 PK/CA) $294.30 Case