steriSTAT® Sterile Disposable Mycotic Double Action Nail Nipper

    Our Sterile Mycotic Double Action Nail Nipper is a versatile instrument crafted from surgical-grade stainless steel. Originally designed by podiatrists to address the specific needs of treating fungal nail infections (Mycoses), this double action nipper has become a staple for surgeons, clinicians, and podiatrists due to its unmatched functionality.

    • Its surgical-grade stainless steel construction ensures exceptional sharpness and allows for safe sterilization with gamma irradiation.
    • Expert craftsmanship: Each Mycotic Double Action Nail Nipper undergoes a meticulous forging, milling, tempering, and polishing process. This attention to detail guarantees a consistently smooth operating mechanism and precise cutting action. 
    • Solid feel and ergonomic design: The solid feel of the instrument instills confidence during procedures, while the ergonomically designed handles provide exceptional comfort and control, reducing hand fatigue during extended use.
    • Single-use: Sterilized with gamma irradiation so it is always ready to use.
    The double-action mechanism of the Mycotic Nipper allows for effortless handling of various nail conditions, including:

    • Thick or dystrophic nails
    • Ingrown toenails
    • Fungal nail infections
    • General nail trimming
    We offer many more steriSTAT® instruments to fit your needs.
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    111-656-6ST steriSTAT® Sterile Disposable Mycotic Double Action Nail Nipper - 15 cm (6") (1 EA/PK, 25 PK/CA) $820.30 Case