Bionix Lighted Ear/Nose Forceps for Foreign Body Removal

An innovative tool that provides primary and acute care physicians with light and magnification in a small, disposable forceps for the ear and nose.

  • Visualization - A brilliant white light is projected to the tip of the forceps and illuminates the orifice and the foreign body.
  • Safety - Illumination and magnification improve procedural accuracy and avoid the risk of injury from a blind procedure.
  • Efficacy - Forceps open to accommodate objects as a large as 5 mm with gripper teeth for a secure hold.
  • Simplicity - Simple spring grip design for easy, single-handed operation.
  • Convenience - No need for a separate light source or magnification device.
  • Variety - Ideal for the nose or ear and a variety of foreign bodies.
  • Box Includes:
    10 Forceps, 1 Light Source & 1 Magnification Lens

Made in the USA

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123-2750 Bionix Lighted Ear/Nose Forceps for Foreign Body Removal - Box of 10 Forceps, 1 Light Source, 1 Magnification Lens $155.10 Box