steriSTAT® Sterile Disposable Alligator Forceps - Straight

Alligator Forceps are used to grasp and remove tissue, foreign material, or cerumen from the ear canal. These single-use, surgical-grade stainless steel forceps can also be used to insert/remove tubes, dressings, and packing (myringotomy). They have fully serrated tips for assured grasping. The handle's rings minimize finger strain and slippage. This instrument can also be used in other procedures, such as laparoscopy.

  • Expertly forged, milled, tempered, and polished
  • Sterilized with gamma irradiation
  • Solid feel
  • Smooth operation
  • Consistent quality and patterns
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Reliable and precise
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111-658-3ST steriSTAT® Sterile Disposable Alligator Forceps - Straight, Serrated, 3.5" (8.5 cm) (1 EA/PK, 25 PK/CA) $653.80 Case