About American Medicals

American Medicals manufactures and distributes a wide variety of quality medical, surgical, and dental products used by hospitals and healthcare professionals worldwide. We are located in a state-of-the-art facility located in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

Working with the U.S. Government

By maintaining government contracts for medical and dental equipment and supplies, American Medicals has been supplying to government customers with great success for many years. We pride ourselves on understanding the unique procurement needs and operational complexities of government facilities. Contact us to learn more about our government contracts and how to do business with us.

Our Mission

To provide superior products with personalized attention to our valued customers, while enhancing the quality of patient care and the safety of the working environment around us. We partner with our customers, understand their needs, and work diligently to exceed their goals. Our reputation is built on service, price, and personal attention to our clients.

Our Products
Our finest dental and surgical instruments are made with the highest quality, surgical grade German stainless steel. We also offer medical and dental equipment from proven manufacturers such as Bionix, Hausmann, Nouvag, Rice Lake, Seiler, Summit, Sunnex, and Winco.

Doing Business with International Customers
American Medicals has extensive experience in selling and shipping our products to international customers.  We are happy to process such transactions through Paypal and wire transfer.  Please contact us for more information.


We've recently added both carbide and diamond podiatry burs to our product line.  Additionally, we are proud to offer our Safe-Toe® podiatry burs, which are specifically designed to treat diabetic patients.

We are constantly expanding our product line. Please contact us if you are in need of an item that is not on our web site.

Career Opportunities
We are always looking for skilled and versatile candidates in fields such as graphic design, customer service, and accounting. Interested candidates can email their resumes to admin@americanmedicals.com.

American Medicals, your trusted partner for medical, surgical, and dental products.

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