steriSTAT® Sterile Disposable Lister Bandage Scissors

Crafted from surgical-grade stainless steel, our single-use Lister Bandage Scissors feature a unique angled design, sharp/blunt tips, and ergonomically designed handles, making them a versatile tool for safe and efficient dressing removal and other cutting needs in a clinical setting.  

  • Unique Angled Design: The angled blades allow for easier visualization and access beneath bandages and dressings, minimizing disruption to surrounding tissues. This design is particularly helpful in confined areas or when dealing with awkward angles. 
  • Sharp/Blunt Tips: The blunt tip safely slides between bandages and skin, reducing the risk of accidental injury during dressing removal, especially on delicate or sensitive areas. The sharp tip allows for efficient cutting through dressings, tapes, and other materials.
  • Solid Feel and Smooth Operation: Our forging, milling, tempering, and polishing process ensures a well-balanced instrument with a solid, weighty feel that provides exceptional control. The smooth operating mechanism minimizes hand fatigue during extended procedures.
  • Ergonomic Handle Design: The ergonomically crafted ring handles conform to the hand for a comfortable grip, reducing strain and improving user control during delicate procedures.
  • Reliable and Precise: The consistent quality and precision throughout the manufacturing process guarantee a dependable instrument for all your cutting needs.
  • Sterile and Ready to Use: Sterilization with gamma irradiation ensures aseptic use, minimizing the risk of infection.
Lister Bandage Scissors can be used for a variety of cutting purposes.

  • Dressing Removal: Safely and efficiently cutting through dressings, bandages, and tapes during wound care and post-operative procedures.
  • Suture Removal: Trimming sutures during stitch removal.
  • General Cutting Needs: Cutting medical supplies like gauze or tape in various clinical settings. 
Lister Bandage Scissors, also known as Lister Dressing Scissors, were named after British surgeon Joseph Lister, a pioneer in antiseptic surgery.  Their unique design, safety features, and user-friendliness have made them a mainstay in medical environments for over a century.

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