Brillian MediPro Podiatry Drill w/ Vacuum

The Brillian MediPro Podiatry Drill/Vacuum features powerful drill and suction functionality with a BLDC (Brushless) 40,000 RPM motor/vacuum unit and an optimized slim handpiece with built in on/off switch.

  • BLDC (Brushless) 40,000 RPM motor
  • Digital RPM & vacuum level display
  • Automatic vacuum setup function
  • Error display function
  • PIPO (Push-In, Pull-Out) collet system
  • Optimized slim handpiece with on/off switch
  • Simple filter change technology

Product NumberProduct NamePriceBuy
216-CU1 MediPro Control Box (Only) $950.00 EA
216-CU1-HP1 Brillian Rotation Speed Max 40,000 RPM (216-CU1) and Handpiece (216-HP1) SET $1,725.00 Set
216-DUB Dust Bag: American Medicals $15.00 EA
216-HP1 MediPro Handpiece (Only) $1,000.00 EA
216-HPH Handpiece Holder $20.00 EA
216-HPS Handpiece Stand $15.00 EA
216-PED Foot Pedal: American Medicals $25.00 EA
216-POC Power Cord $15.00 EA