Crane-Kaplan Pocket Markers

Crafted from surgical-grade German stainless steel, our Crane-Kaplan Pocket Markers offer unparalleled precision and reliability for measuring pocket depths in periodontal examinations. Type 1 features 1 mm - 8 mm markings in 1 mm increments, while Type 2 offers 1 mm - 15 mm markings in 0.5 mm increments. Their tips are sharp to ensure precision, but atraumatic to minimize tissue damage. These instruments may also be used for implant site assessment and pre-prosthetic surgery measurements, such as assessing soft tissue thickness.
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KE34301 Crane-Kaplan Pocket Markers - Type 1 $23.47 Each
KE34302 Crane-Kaplan Pocket Markers - Type 2 $23.47 Each