Derma Sciences Aquasite® Impregnated Gauze Hydrogel, Sterile (by Gentell)

Hydrogels are useful for rehydrating sloughy or necrotic tissue and enhancing autolytic debridement. On minimally draining wounds, they help to provide a moist wound environment, conducive to wound healing. Our impregnated dressings incorporate our Aquasite®  hydrogel into 100% Cotton USP Type VII gauze pads of various sizes. These dressings are ideal when a sterile moist packing for full thickness wounds is necessary. For stage I-IV pressure sores, surgical incisions, thermal burns, cuts, abrasions, and venous stasis ulcerations.

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AM53044 Derma Sciences Aquasite Impregnated Gauze, Hydrogel (Sterile) - 4" x 4", 40 EA/CA $89.27 Case