Derma Sciences Hydrocell Foam Dressing, Sterile (by Integra)

Foams are the advanced wound care cover dressing of choice for moderately to heavily exuding wounds. The polyurethane foam sheets are hydrophilic in nature, so can absorb a large amount of fluid, and provide a soft and cushioning layer for added patient comfort. They are easy for clinicians to apply and remove, with minimal trauma to the patient and wound bed. Our Hydrocell Foam Dressing is non-adhesive, and has an outer film layer providing a barrier to external contaminants. A secondary dressing or tape needs to hold this dressing in place. Latex free.

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Product NumberProduct NamePriceBuy
AM84544 Derma Sciences Hydrocel Foam Dressing, Sterile - 4" x 4" (40 EA/CA) $269.57 Case
AM84566 Derma Sciences Hydrocel Foam Dressing, Sterile - 6" x 6" (40 EA/CA) $404.35 Case