Direx Integra Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy System (ESWL)

Integra’s Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy System offers a special design which allows both In-line and On-line fluoroscopy image acquisition, making it the only such system offered today.   Integra uses a unique “air-duct” system which provides continuous X-ray imaging at any time, without having to stop the treatment.  Its unique architecture enables the operator to localize stones precisely using only horizontal movements and a simple mathematical triangulation algorithm.


  • Vertical shockwave orientation delivers energy through the patient’s back.
  • Air-duct design allows for in-line and on-line fluoroscopy.
  • Innovative One View Localization System (FDA approved) makes Integra the only ESWL system today that results in perfect localization of the target by using vertical views at two horizontal positions.
  • Integrated architecture with XY localization
  • Quick set up and small footprint
  • Transducer Efficiency Monitoring technology allows for real-time EM transducer energy monitoring.
  • The physician can view a 9” image in-line with the shockwave path that greatly enhances target localization/recognition in real time without stopping the treatment.
  • Integra’s Image Processing and Control (IPCON) software includes comprehensive image processing functions, a detailed database of patient/treatment parameters and images of all necessary controls of the system operation.
  • Lithoshield: contained X-ray shielding option
  • Optional ultrasound imaging module compatible with all major ultrasound units


 Made in the USA.

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