G. Hartzell & Son Cleaning Brushes (by DenMat)

These brushes are 12” long and are specially designed for aspirator tips and saliva ejectors. They have stiff white nylon bristles and a handle made of stainless steel. The brushes are long enough to extend the full length of aspirator tips and are flexible enough to round the strong curvatures on some aspirator tips.
Product NumberProduct NamePriceBuy
126-ASPLB G. Hartzell & Son Model # ASPLB; Large Cleaning Brush (12 per Box) $32.71 Box
126-ASPMB G. Hartzell & Son Model # ASPMB; Medium Cleaning Brush (12 per Box) $32.71 Box
126-ASPSB G. Hartzell & Son Model # ASPSB; Small Cleaning Brush (12 per Box) $32.71 Box
126-ASPXLB G. Hartzell & Son Model # ASPXLB; Extra Large Cleaning Brush (12 per Box) $32.71 Box