G. Hartzell & Son Endodontic Aspirators (by DenMat)

The fine size tubing of the #126-ASPE5 allows for suction above and, in some cases, inside the canal. The tubing of the #126-ASPE10 and #126-ASPE20 is small and bendable and is excellent for root canal and root tip suctioning. Cleaning wires are provided with these aspirators.
Product NumberProduct NamePriceBuy
126-ASPE10 G. Hartzell & Son Model # ASPE10; Endodontic Aspirator, 1.0 mm Opening $83.41 Each
126-ASPE20 G. Hartzell & Son Model # ASPE20; Endodontic Aspirator, 2.0 mm Opening $83.41 Each
126-ASPE5 G. Hartzell & Son Model # ASPE5; Endodontic Aspirator, 0.5 mm Opening $83.41 Each