G. Hartzell & Son No-Clog Surgical Aspirators (by DenMat)

These aspirators feature a built-in stylet. Sliding the button forward quickly ejects particles that may be clogging the tip. Returning the button to its original position restores suction. The adapter end fits high volume cut-off valves or surgical tubing. These aspirators disassemble for easy cleaning.
Product NumberProduct NamePriceBuy
126-ASPB15 G. Hartzell & Son Model # ASPB15; No-Clog Surgical Aspirator, 1.5 mm Opening, SM/MD Brush $119.50 Each
126-ASPB25 G. Hartzell & Son Model # ASPB25; No-Clog Surgical Aspirator, 2.5 mm Opening, MD Brush $119.50 Each
126-ASPB30 G. Hartzell & Son Model # ASPB30; No-Clog Surgical Aspirator, 3.0 mm Opening, MD Brush $119.50 Each