G. Hartzell & Son Osseous Coagulum Trap & Accessories (by DenMat)

The osseous coagulum trap is used to collect osseous material directly from the aspirator tip into a sterile filter. The trap may be sterilized by autoclave, dry heat, or Chemiclave. The trap connects into a high volume cut-off valve or 1/4” surgical tubing. Aspirators that fit high volume cut-off valves will fit into the cap or the adapter may be used.
Product NumberProduct NamePriceBuy
126-ASPA G. Hartzell & Son Model # ASPA; Osseous Coagulum Adapter $30.38 Each
126-ASPF G. Hartzell & Son Model # ASPF; Osseous Coagulum Trap Filters, 3 per package $24.99 Each
126-ASPFEA G. Hartzell & Son Model # ASPFEA; Osseous Coagulum Euro-Adapter; For U.S. 11 mm Tip Replacement into 16 mm European Valves $8.54 Each
126-ASPOCT G. Hartzell & Son Model # ASPOCT; Osseous Coagulum Trap $110.80 Each
126-ASPTASS G. Hartzell & Son Model # ASPTASS; Adapter & 5" Tubing $43.20 Each