DISCONTINUED: G. Hartzell & Son DE Remington Sickle Scaler (by DenMat)

All G. Hartzell & Son products have been discontinued. Please search our catalog for surgical-grade German stainless steel equivalents or comparable alternatives of these products. You can contact us to order or if you need further assistance.
Product NumberProduct NamePriceBuy
*DE Remington Sickle Scaler - DISC These products are discontinued. We may be able to offer comparable alternatives. Please see above and contact us.   Call
(904) 636-9451
126-SREM1SS-DISC, CALL FOR ALT G. Hartzell & Son # SREM1SS; Remington Sickle Scaler, Standard Handle, Stainless Steel - DISC   Call
(904) 636-9451