Gentell® Calcium Alginate Ag (Silver) Rope

Gentell® Calcium Alginate Ag (Silver) Rope is a highly-absorbent, sterile, antimicrobial, fiber-structured alginate packing-dressing with silver. This advanced alginate dressing absorbs and contains exudate in a moist healing environment while fighting bacteria, and a broad spectrum of microorganisms with a steady release of silver.

Can be used in deep cavity wounds, such as leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, and surgical wounds with heavy drainage.

  • Controlled silver release provides antimicrobial protection to the wound
  • Rope is easily packed, molded and folded to fit the wound
  • Uniformly absorbs, collects, and contains up to 20x its weight in wound exudate
  • Also available in various outer-dressing sizes
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GEN-13142 Gentell® Calcium Alginate Ag (Silver) Rope - 12” Rope (30.5 cm), 50/CA $276.72 CA