Gentell® Split Drain Foam Dressing

Gentell® Split Drain Foam Dressing is a pre-cut, non-bordered, rectangular dressing with a U-shaped fenestration making it ideal for
tracheostomy sites, catheters, feeding tubes or larger wound sites that require moderate to heavy absorption.
This highly absorptive foam dressing reduces strike-through and prevents skin maceration by keeping the wound site dry.
Can also be cut and applied to pressure ulcers, chronic and acute wounds, and full thickness wounds.

• Easy to apply to tubed wound sites with moderate to heavy drainage
• Highly absorptive foam keeps wounds dry
• Minimized adherence to the wound site
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GEN-14540 Gentell® Split Drain Non-Bordered Foam Dressing - 4” x 5” (10 cm x 12.5 cm), 50/CA $132.35 CA