Herrick Kidney Pedicle Clamp - 23 cm (9 1/8")

Our Herrick Kidney Pedicle Clamp, constructed of surgical-grade German stainless steel, provides urologists with exceptional control and secure grasping during open and minimally invasive renal procedures. This instrument features double-angled jaws, offering a balance between maneuverability and secure clamping.

  • Double-angled jaws: The double-angled jaws provide a combination of grasping strength and access in both open surgical fields and during laparoscopic procedures.
  • Serrated jaws: The presence of serrations on the jaws enhances the gripping power of the clamp, ensuring a firm grasp on the renal pedicle during manipulation. 
  • Locking mechanism: A secure locking mechanism allows for one-handed clamping, freeing the other hand for efficient dissection and instrument manipulation.
This instrument is primarily used during open nephrectomies: surgical removal of the kidney, providing a secure grasp on the pedicle during dissection and manipulation. It is also sometimes used during laparoscopic nephrectomies.
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CD52323 Herrick Kidney Pedicle Clamp - 23 cm (9 1/8") $82.32 Each