Isolux Optilux Fiber Optic Medical LED Light Source

The Isolux Optilux Fiber Optic Medical LED Light Source utilizes a large area LED chip with custom collection surgical optics that brilliantly couples light into 3- to 6mm fiber optic bundles, a heat sink and fan, linear intensity control and an AC power supply.

The Optilux provides a 125w LED / Xenon equivalent solid-state light source of white light with no UV radiation or IR allowing for additional uses in cases where UV or IR radiation is not permitted. This also reduces power consumption by up to 50% and with up to 45,000 hours of chip life, the cost of ownership is also reduced!

The front panel displays the intensity with soft tactile up/down buttons providing total intensity control ranging from 10 to 100%.

    • 80 Watt power saving LED system
    • Intensity variation of 10-100%
    • CRI of more than 96 to give the best tissue rendition
    • 130,000 Lux at the end of an 8ft x 5mm fiber light guide cable
    • Available with a wall mount

    Light Intensity: 3,000 Lumens
    LED Life: 50,000 hours
    Color Temperature: 6,000 °K
    Color Rendition Index: (CRI) 92 Typical
    Input AC Range: 100 to 240 VAC @ 50 to 60 Hz.
    Input Power: 80 watts Typical (125w Equivalent)
    Dimming Range: Electronic 10 to 1
    Operating Temperature: -10 to 40 °C
    Storage Temperature: -10 to 70° C
    Operating Humidity: 20 to 93 % non-condensing
    UL Compliant: IEC 60601-1 Safety Tests
    FDA Certification: FDA Complaint
    Weight: 9.0 lbs
    Dimensions: 5.75” H x 7” W x 11” D

Isolux Warranty Information:
Two (2) Years on LED Light Source

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