Steps for an Easy Return

  1. Obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA#) from American Medicals within 30 days of the invoice date. Click here to request a Return Authorization Number (RA#).

  2. Once your return has been authorized, we will email you the RA# along with specific return instructions. The RA# is valid for a period of 10 days. Items not returned in their original packing, received without a valid RA#, or received by American Medicals more than 10 days after the RA# issue date will be refused. RA#’s cannot be extended or re-issued.

  3. When you receive your RA#, you will also receive an address to where your package MUST be returned. Shipping the product to an address other than the one provided may cause severe delays in the return process.

  4. Pack the item(s) you are returning within a sturdy shipping carton to prevent damage. We recommend you insure your return shipment against loss or damage, and use a carrier such as UPS, FedEx, or DHL that can provide proof of delivery. You are responsible for all shipping charges on returned items and any damages in transit.

  5. Prominently display the RA# on the outside of the package being returned. Do not write on or apply any labels directly to the original product packaging.