Rice Lake Model SD-1150WP Dialysis Scale

The Summit Dialysis Scale from Rice Lake is designed to be mounted in a pit flush with the floor, or above ground with optional ramps for easy-access, multi­purpose weighing. The patient simply walks, or is wheeled, onto the weighing platform and is weighed. The heavy-duty handrail provides patient safety and convenience, and is positioned to remain clear of wheelchairs.

The Summit Dialysis Scale provides exceptional performance in dialysis centers and hospitals. While value-priced, the Summit Dialysis Scale also employs a rugged design to deliver efficient installation and operation.

  • 36" W x 36" L - 1,000 lb mild steel painted scale with anti-slip rubber surface
  • 36" H x 30" W handrail and mounting hardware
  • Large 1" LCD Indicator Display
  • AC adapter and internal rechargeable battery
  • Push button or manual entry of tare weight
  • Unit of measure: lb only, kg only, lb/kg
  • 10 ft interface cable from scale to indicator
  • RS-232 port
  • BMI (Body Mass Index) function
  • Reweigh function
  • Hold function

Made in the USA.

Product NumberProduct NamePriceBuy
105-150707 Rice Lake Model SD-1150WP Dialysis Scale, Capacity 1,000 lb, Package Includes: Scale, Handrail and Indicator $1,780.00 Each