Rice Lake Versa-portion RLP-S Series Scale

Just as the name implies, versatility is perhaps the biggest selling point of the sturdy new model, with its stainless steel construction, IP68 rating, and a broad range of useful features. With capacities from six to sixty pounds, the Versa-portion is perfect for food processing, hygienic medical settings and everything in-between. Its straightforward keypad easily toggles between ounces, pounds and grams. And custom pans and fixtures can be designed for limitless weighing potential.

Standard Features
  • Compact and easy to use IP68 water and dust resistant
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Removable weigh pan for quick and easy cleaning
  • LED Display
  • AC adapter included Legal-for-Trade
  • HACCP compliant
  • Options/Accessories: Rechargeable Battery

Product NumberProduct NamePrice
105-108516 Rice Lake Rechargeable Battery for Versa-portion RLP-S Series $33.25 Each
105-108518 Rice Lake AC Adapter 230V for Versa-portion RLP-S Series $42.75 Each
105-115125 Rice Lake Model RLP-6S Versa-portion RLP-S Series, Capacity 6 lb. x .002 lb. $400.00 Each
105-115128 Rice Lake Model RLP-15S Versa-portion RLP-S Series, Capacity 15 lb. x .005 lb. $400.00 Each
105-115129 Rice Lake Model RLP-30S Versa-portion RLP-S Series, Capacity 30 lb. x .01 lb. $400.00 Each
105-115130 Rice Lake Model RLP-60S Versa-portion RLP-S Series, Capacity 60 lb. x .02 lb. $400.00 Each