Seiler 985 Colposcope

The 985 is an over the shoulder model. The mount is set up higher to remove any obstructions from the user's working field. The 985 is equipped with a manual 5 step magnification turret: 3, 4, 7, 11 and 17x at 300 mm working distance.

  • 300 mm working distance objective lens offering continuous zoom magnifications from 3, 4, 7, 11, and 17x
  • Additional magnifications/objective lens combinations are available
  • Widefield 12.5x eyepieces with diopter locks and fold-down rubber eyecups for eyeglass wearers
  • Straight binocular head f = 160
  • Fan cooled, dual-port variable fiber optic coaxial illumination with 15V 150 W lamp (bulb EFR 64634).Should a lamp fail during an examination, the dual-port feature allows a quick change.
  • Maximum height from floor to objective lens – 54"
  • Minimum height – 32"
  • Overall distance from the column to the objective lens – 33"
  • Green filter with selector knob
  • Spare lamp, dust cover and instruction manual
  • The DSLR Package allows you to add a digital point and shoot DSLR camera to the colposcope to record images for patient files or documentation purposes. It includes the 985 Colposcope, Beam Splitter, and Camera Adapter (Canon EOS Series, Nikon D90 Series, Sony NEX 3/5, or Sony Handycam). It does not include a camera. Please call us in order to order this package.
  • The Video Package lets you view live images during an exam. It includes the 985 Colposcope, Beam Splitter, Video Camera Adapter, Video Cabling, High Resolution CCD Color Camera, and a LCD Flat Panel Monitor.
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Product NumberProduct NamePrice
115-30985-OTSLED Seiler 985 Colposcope $6,995.00 Each
115-30985-OTSLED-D/A Seiler 985 Colposcope with DSLR Package   Call to Order
115-30985-OTSLED-V/A Seiler 985 Colposcope with Video Package $11,975.00 Each