Seiler Video Trinocular Microscope

The Seiler Video Trinocular Microscope is an excellent option for the lab or for a teaching facility. The Seiler Video set up allows you to project the image being viewed under the microscope as a high resolution image on a LCD monitor. The package includes everything you would need right out of the box. Equipment included is the SeilerScope with E Planachomat lenses, high resolution CCD color camera, a trinocular tube, and a 19" flat panel monitor.

  • E Planachromat 4/0.10 (160)
  • E Planachromat 10/0.35 (160/0.17)
  • E Planachromat 40/0.65 (160/0.17R)
  • E Planachromat 100/1.25 (160/0.17R HI, oil)
  • L-shaped sturdy base with built-in 6V-20 W transformer
  • Halogen illumination (6V/20 W Halogen bulb, #64250)
  • Reversed four hole nose piece
  • Coaxial coarse and fine focus mechanism
  • Focusing tension adjustment
  • Graduated, right-hand. double-plated mechanical stage
  • 50 mm x 76 mm - 0.1 mm Vernier
  • 2 - 10x Wide field eye pieces (18)
  • Abbe condenser 1.25NA with iris
  • Rack and pinion mount
  • Trinocular tube with prism
  • “C” mount adapter for video
  • Color CCD video camera, 560 line resolution
  • 19” flat-panel LCD color monitor
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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115-SXS819 Seiler Video Trinocular Microscope $3,795.00 Each