Sunnex Celestial Star™ Surgical Light - Mobile Base

The Mobile Sunnex Celestial Star™ surgical light is ideal for surgical applications. The flexible design allows for easy angling and positioning. The space-saving structure of this state of the art surgical light is ideal for many facilities including emergency rooms, surgical centers, trauma centers and clinics.


  • Unparalleled flexibility with extensive reach and range of motion
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Drift free balance arm design
  • 114 inch reach from head to toe
  • Patented lamp shade reduces heat output
  • Three 35 watt long-life Halogen bulbs (average over 4,000 hours)
  • Removable, sterilizable handle
  • Space saving design
  • Available in ceiling, dual ceiling, wall, and mobile configurations
Technical Data

  • Power supply: 120V 60 Hz AC or 230 - 240V 50 Hz AC
  • Light intensity: Up to 6,000 foot-candles / 64,500 lux
  • Light source: Halogen bulb – Dichroic 12V / 3 x 35 W / 10o
  • Light color temperature: Up to 4,100 K
  • Medical standards: FDA Class II
  • Color: White – RAL 9002

Made in the USA

Product NumberProduct NamePriceBuy
106-CS2050M Sunnex Celestial Star™ Surgical Light - Mobile Base $2,640.00 Each