Whitehead Mouth Gags

Our Whitehead Mouth Gag, crafted from surgical-grade German stainless steel, can be used in a variety of oral procedures.  Developed by Walter Whitehead in the late 19th century, this versatile instrument continues to be a cornerstone of oral maxillofacial surgery, otorhinolaryngology (ENT), and anesthesia.

The Whitehead Mouth Gag's design enables clear access to the oral cavity. Its smooth, atraumatic surfaces minimize patient discomfort. The stainless steel construction enables controlled mouth opening, ensuring optimal visibility for a multitude of procedures: oral surgery (dental implant placement, tooth extraction, and biopsies), airway management during general anesthesia or in cases of trismus (difficulty opening the mouth), and ENT (examination and treatment of the oral cavity, pharynx, and larynx). Available in 11 cm, 13 cm, and 15 cm sizes to accommodate different patient needs.
Product NumberProduct NamePriceBuy
FK28011 Whitehead Mouth Gag - 11 cm (4 1/4") $322.18 Each
FK28013 Whitehead Mouth Gag - 13 cm (5 1/8") $328.66 Each
FK28015 Whitehead Mouth Gag - 15 cm (6") $382.48 Each