Winco Model 6570, 6571 XL Drop Arm Care Cliner

The 6570/6571 XL Drop Arm Care Cliner has arms that can be lowered flush with the seat to aid in patient transfer. It has non-porous blow molded fold down side trays on both sides. These bariatric recliners have a 450 lb weight capacity.

Each chair in the Care Cliner Series features a standard Trendelenburg release with handle accessible from either side. It also has a built-in ergonomic headrest, adjustable elastic bands on the back frame that provide exceptional comfort and an elastic open seat base. All of these features combine to create the ultimate in comfort, durability and value. For use in dialysis, oncology, acute care and other clinical environments.

  • Seat height: 21" (53.5 cm)
  • Seat width: 25" (64 cm)
  • Overall height: 49" (125 cm)
  • Overall width with tray down: 36" (91.4 cm)
  • Back height: 31.5" (80 cm)
  • Seat depth: 20" (50.8 cm)
  • Weight: 111 lb (50.4 kg)
  • Weight capacity: 450 lb (204 kg)
  • Footprint reclined (length): 76.5" (194.3 cm)

Upholstery Options

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108-6570 Winco Model 6570 XL Drop Arm Care Cliner with Nylon Casters   Call
(904) 636-9451
108-6571 Winco Model 6571 XL Drop Arm Care Cliner with Steel Casters   Call
(904) 636-9451