IsoLux IsoLED Mini LED Examination Headlight System

Lightweight and versatile, the IsoLED Mini LED Examination Headlight allows for free mobility for the surgeon. The Mini LED exam headlamp can be affixed to either a pair of safety glasses or a headset for added stability during medical procedures, and the lightweight Lithium battery pack can be clipped on to any belt or pocket keeping it conveniently out of the way.

The high efficiency design of the Mini LED Examination Head light offers up to 40,000 hours of LED life making it virtually maintenance free with an end life of up to 20 years!

    • 10mm - 100mm Variable Spot Control
    • 1 oz Headlight Assembly
    • 90 CRI for the best tissue rendition
    • Intensity variable from 3-100% to reduce eye strain
    • 22,000 Lux of Pure LED Light

    CRI (Color Rendition Index): 90
    Light Output @ 12": 22K Lux
    Color Temperature: 4500 º K
    Variable Intensity: 3 - 100%
    Batteries Per System: 1
    Charge Time: 3.6 hrs
    Operating Time: Up to 10hrs 50mins

System Also Includes:
    Battery Charger
    Safety Glasses
    Storage Case

Isolux Warranty Information:
LED Headlight: Two (2) Years
Battery Pack: One (1) Year

Also available: Isolux IsoLED II , Isolux IsoLED Plus+, Isolux Magnum
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