Isolux IsoLED Plus+ Surgical LED Headlight System

The higher powered, head mounted, IsoLED Plus+ Surgical LED Headlight offers up to 40KLux at 300mm with a variable spot size of 10-110mm. Ideal for all surgical procedures and examinations this medical headlamp provides crisp spot control and an extremely homogeneous light beam. At a CRI rating of 92, the IsoLED Plus+ LED Surgical Headlamp offers true color in critical surgery applications.

The lightweight IsoLED Plus+ Lithium battery pack offers over 3.5 hours of runtime and can be swapped mid surgery for more than 7 hours of operation time! A flashing indicator on the battery pack will alert the surgeon and staff if the lithium battery starts to run low.

    • 10mm - 100mm variable spot control
    • Lightweight with 20 yrs of proven optics
    • Detachable joystick for easy spot movement
    • Up to 4.25 hrs of runtime per battery (7+ hrs)
    • 92 CRI to give the best tissue rendition
    • 40,000 Lux light intensity
    • Lightweight, comfortable headband w/ washable foam inserts

    CRI (Color Rendition Index): 92
    Light Output @ 16": 40K Lux
    Color Temperature: 4000°K
    Batteries Per System: 2
    Operating Time: 4.25hrs per battery
    Battery & Holster Weight: 190 grams
    Headlamp Weight: 9oz/ 290 grams

System Also Includes:
    Lithium Battery Charger
    Storage Bag

Isolux Warranty Information:
LED Headlight: Two (2) Years
Battery Pack: One (1) Year

Also available: Isolux IsoLED II , Isolux IsoLED Mini, Isolux Magnum
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