Isolux IsoLED II LED Surgical Headlight System

With a Color Rendition Index of 95, the IsoLED II Surgical Headlight allows the true color of tissue to be shown more accurately thereby reducing diagnosis and surgery time! The IsoLED II offers a high efficiency design with reduced energy consumption and cost of ownership. And at 1/3 the energy consumption of halogen lamps, the IsoLED II Surgical Headlight LED Bulb has up to a 20-year life expectancy!

    • 10mm - 100mm Variable Spot Control
    • 10 oz Ultra Comfort Headlight Assembly
    • CRI of 95 to give the best tissue rendition
    • Intensity variable from 3-100% to reduce eye strain
    • 25,000 Lux of Pure LED Light
    CRI (Color Rendition Index): 95
    Light Output: 25K Lux
    Color Temperature: 4500º K
    Variable Intensity: 3-100%
    Batteries Per System: 1
    Charge Time: 3.6 hrs (using original charger)
    Operating Time: Up to 5hrs 45mins

System Also Includes:
    Lithium Battery Charger
    Storage Bag

Isolux Warranty Information:
LED Headlight: Two (2) Years
Battery Pack: One (1) Year

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